125 Years

Contact World


Maintaining the conceptual design and quality of the Contact series, in a treatment unit designed for a practice that wants the benefits of leading edge design, with a simplified instrument control system that maintains a high level of functionality.

Contact World systems are the perfect mixture of simplicity with sophistication.

Key Features

  • Innovative control system with graphical display, multiple user settings and with memory function
  • Advanced functions such as programmable speeds and lockout control.
  • Comprehensive instrumentation – autoclavable syringe nozzles, fiber optic highspeed, fiber optic electric lowspeed line and fiber optic ultrasonic scaler all standard.
  • Hygienic and disinfectable control surfaces.
  • Clever 4 pedal foot control system for major unit functions.

Contact World unit

Your Choice

All Ritter Contact Line models are available in one of four distinct delivery styles to allow the dentist to choose the right version for his or her preferred working method.

‘H’ System

Contact World Delivery H

The H model has an integrated extended instrument tray provides for true four handed dentistry. Designed for use in both the sit down or stand up position, the H table positions the handpieces below the tray surface for easy reach and minimal interference.


‘H-C’ System

Contact World Delivery H-C

The hanging tubing H-C model provides a hygienic removable instrument surface in the traditional delivery method.The flexible design can accomodate up to 6 instruments in any order to allow you to configure the instruments to your preference.

Contact World Delivery H-C

‘S’ System

Contact World Delivery S

The swinging S model has a doriot arm for each handpiece, which positions the handpiece directly where your hand needs them, with no need to compensate for the pull of the handpiece hose.

The doriot arm design reduces contamination by keeping the tubing off the floor.

Contact World Delivery S

‘C’ System

Contact World Delivery C

The flexibility of the C system cart allows the operator to position the unit anywhere around the chair, with the benefit of being able to move the cart unit away from the chair when not in use.

C systems can be combined with an over the patient instrument tray swivel arm to provide true four handed dentistry.

Contact World Delivery C

Total control

The comprehensive control panel of the Contact models provides the dental operator with the fullest range of instrument control functions.

control 1

control 2Control is Standard

With the control World and Lite models, you benefit from a Control system that retains a great degree of easy to use functions.

Features such as a large graphical display for instrument control with the ability to configure each instrument individually (such as waterspray on for higher speed, but off for lower speed).

A range handpiece with specific functions is also included to provide the most efficient use of each instrument.

Ritter Control World and Lite systems also include the ability to uniquely preset preferences for up to 4 users for individual chair working positions and instrument speed settings.

No multiple function controls….Ritter systems keep each button serving a single purpose! The result is that Ritter Control systems are intuitive and easy to operate even in the middle of a complicated dental procedure.

Contact World/Lite system foot control

control 3

Safety First

The Ritter H-C and C table models incorporate an easily removable holder top cover to promote effective disinfection.

The Ritter H-C and C table models incorporate an easily removable holder top cover to promote effective disinfection.

Ritter Contact Line systems are designed for quick and effective infection control.

All the critical components are designed for easy disinfection for all surfaces through such features as removable, smooth surfaces and clean edges.

All the critical components are designed to easily disinfect all surfaces using the integrated waterline flush protocol with its easily accessible suction
tubing set.

Traditionally dirty areas such as the cuspidor are designed to be easily removed to allow proper cleaning and thermal disinfection.

Traditionally dirty areas such as the cuspidor are designed to be easily removed to allow proper cleaning and thermal disinfection.


Ritter dental lights provide removable handles for surface disinfection and sterilization.

The optional Ritter ABS water bottle system allows regular water disinfection.

All control surfaces are smooth with flat surfaces to promote the use of barrier protection.

 As you examine the Ritter Contact Series, you will start to appreciate the many integral features that make an efficient and practical dental practice possible and environmentally friendly.

Designed also for your Dental Assistant

The bi-articulating arm design of the dental assistant element allows a flexible positioning to suit any patient situation. The assistant station also provides an integrated console to assist the operator by providing control of all major unit functions. The pivoting high volume suction valve reduces stress on the wrist and prevents the suction line splitting from being twisted.

“The main purpose of any Dental System is to facilitate the positioning of the patient with the treatment instruments to maximize the efficiency of the Dental Care!” Werner Schmitz, CEO Ritter Concept


Relaxation for your patients

Correct Placement for Treatment

The Ritter Contact Lite /Comfort patient chair with double articulated headrest to easily and quickly adjust the head position

The Ritter Contact line chairs incorporate a range of features to promote correct positioning for any patient size or treatment requirement.

Ergonomic movement of the contact world chair ensures that the patient is not stretched or squeezed during positioning. The supporting design helps them to remain relaxed even during prolonged treatment.

Ritter Ergonomics – the advantages for your Dental Team

  • Comfortable Patient Positioning
  • All items within Easy Reach
  • Efficient Disinfection of all unit surfaces
  • True Four handed Delivery techniques
  • Range of Delivery Models to Suit your Working Style
  • Flexible Control with Ritter multi-function Foot Control and Control Consoles
  • IF Award for Contact World chair for best design and ergonomics





An Extra Level of Comfort

The Ritter Contact World model is available with optional Tempur ® upholstery with a visco-elastic foam that moulds itself around the patient’s body.

Flexible Options for Integration

Communication with your patient is now more important than ever.

Being able to discuss treatment with your patient using digital imaging presentations from both x-rays and camera images can be an essential part for providing information for both treatment planning and patient education.

Ritter Contact Line systems can be seamlessly integrated with a range of Multimedia to provide the complete system for patient interaction.


  • Integrated Multimedia display
  • Integrated intra-oral Camera system
  • Complete system with both display and camera.



  • High resolution 4 image memory
  • Variable focal range for a large range of applications
  • Uniform illumination that to the multiple LEDs
  • Sophisticated lens design with excellent depth of field.



The sealed glass front panel of the TFT display used on Ritter systems allows effective post procedural disinfection of the surfaces in the same manner as the rest of the dental surgery equipment.


Designed to Stand the Test of Time

When you look at the Ritter Contact Series, one of the first things you’ll notice is the solid construction of the components and the durability that Ritter systems offer.

options-5Ritter equipment has always had the hard-earned reputation for quality that comes from years of high standards. From the smooth baked enamel finish to the finely engineered internal components, Ritter Contact Line systems are unsurpassed in quality construction.

Quality also means reliability and durability, not just for today but for the extended period of the Ritter system’s working life.

All Ritter components are manufactured from the finest ‘fit-for-purpose’ materials currently available. High-impact, solvent-resistant nylon plastics, forged aluminium & steel supports, finely machined brass & copper armatures and fully assembled with bolts & screws (no tack welds or rivets).