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The Leadex Intra Oral X Ray

With a high frequency tube head, the Ritter Leadex intra oral x ray unit provides a flexible and easy to use x ray system providing for consistent quality dental imaging.

The tube head incorporates a compact design and provides excellent control of radiation leakage (less than 0.25mGy/h at 1 metre) contributing to both operator and patient safety.

Flexibility of arm sizes allows the system to be tailored to suit most surgery sizes. Up to 224cm inner reach (250cm total reach) is possible thanks to the arm system configuration options.

Ritter Leadex incorporates an easy to use and modern LED control panel with a full range of tooth and patient customisation selections.

All materials have a glossy finish and have been researched to be easily and quickly cleaned to protect the hygiene of the dental operatory.

The system is fully compatible with all types of film and digital imaging systems.

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Ritter Leadex

Available in a range of mounting options including integration with Ritter systems!

Classification: Electro-medical Equipment
Class 1, type B
Certification: CE 0434
Line Voltage: 240v / 50hz
Weight: 19.5 kg

Technical Data:
Absorbed Power: 1 kVA
Anodic Voltage: 60 kV – 70 kV
Anodic Current: 4 mA—8 mA
Focal Spot: 0.7
Source Skin Distance: 20cm
Total Filtration: 2mm AI eq at 70 kV
Irradiated Field: Ø < 60mm or 35mm x 44mm
Radiation Leakage: < 0.25 mGy/h at 1 metre
Duty Cycle 1s : 32s
Timer: 0.02—3.2s
X Ray Emission: Exposure Button “Dead Man” type