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Ritter Contact Lite Dental Cart

Why compromise when you want a cart only?

Ritter dental carts are the smart alternative when you want to upgrade your delivery system without a new chair or accessory unit.

All Ritter Contact Lite Carts includes the same control system as the complete Ritter dental systems. The easy-to-use controls that provide full control of instruments with large single purpose keys and visual speed displays.

With Ritter’s well known quality standard.

Technical Data:
1 x Autoclavable 3 way syringe
1 x Fibre optic turbine line
1 x Ritter fibre optic micromotor
1 x Ritter fibre optic piezon ultrasonic scaler


Dental Handpiece Cart

The simple solution that can be specially configured to suit your surgery.

Lightweight for flexibility and mobility, the DC4511 dental
handpiece cart comprises 3 way syringe and three handpiece lines.

Available in “self-contained” version for portability between surgeries.

Full range of system extensions incl. lowspeed motor, ultrasonic scaler
and more.

Technical Data:
Fibre Optic Highspeed Line
Optional Ultrasonic Scaler System