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LED Curing Light

Powerful Output | Smart Design

With a distinctive pencil design, the DY400-6 LED Curing Light is easy to use with convenient features.

High output – 1,400mw/cm3
Lithium battery for over 40 minutes continuous use.
Built in light meter

2 curing modes:
Fast mode at 100% power
Ramp up to 100% power


Autoclavable light guide
Revolves 360° for easy access

Ergonomic design
Sleek and easy to manoeuvre.
Offers a clear view and enhanced patient comfort

Light weight
The handpiece weighs only 100g

Easy cleaning
Sealed handpiece is easy to clean

The cordless design of the DJ400 curing light gives additional flexibility and allows the curing light to be easily transferred from one surgery to another. The compact recharging stand can be placed in any convenient location.

The smart control button and display are offset to remain visible when holding to light during curing procedures.

LED Curing Light Technology

Thanks to the narrower emission spectrum of LED curing lights compared to halogen lights, the curing light output is absorbed more efficiently by camphorquinone, the photoinititator ingredient in most light cured materials.

To reach the same performance of a halogen curing light with a 600-800mW/cm output, LED units require only 300-400mW/cm, as LED curing lights utilise a narrower light band of 430nm-480nm, that matches the absorption spectrum of the composite material.


As a result curing times can be halved with double the intensity at the same light distribution.

Therefore, at approx. 1,400mW/cm, the DY400 curing light provides a greater than 60 % reduction* in the curing time required for light curing restoratives.