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Crescent Patient Comfort


crescent_handUsing visco-elastic memory foam that molds itself around your patient’s body. Memory Foam Crescent products provide an unparalleled level of comfort for your patient during prolonged procedures, with the added advantage of holding the patient in a stable position assisting the dental team in better treatment.

Easy clean Medical Grade Vinyl makes Crescent products perfect for the dental surgery.

Products in this category:


Crescent Patient Pillow

Is your dental chair giving your patients a headache?

By molding itself around the patient’s head and neck, the Patient Pillow gives great comfort PLUS excellent patient positioning.


Crescent Knee Support

crescentkneesupportYour patients will feel an amazing difference in comfort while using the Knee Support . By allowing the legs to lie in this natural position, pressure is relieved while using the Knee Support.


Crescent Backrest

crescentbacksupport By supporting the lower lumbar area that many dental chairs neglect, your patient will feel far more relaxed and comfortable during prolonged procedures.


Crescent Booster Seat

boosterseat-childPosition your little patients properly! The Booster seat raises the height of the child providing greater patient access for all dental treatment.

Recommended for use with the Patient Pillow to assist in proper positioning for the head and neck.


Crescent Bodyrest

Developed in response to the requests of satisfied surgeries already utilising Crescent Pillows and Backrests, the full length bodyrest provides cradling support to the patient body.


U-Shape Neck Support

neckboyPerfect for sedation dentistry

Provides stable support for patient head and neck, both during the procedure and for post-operative recovery.