125 Years

Aria Smart

aria-dental-unitAesthetics and individuality – not only in preventive care.

The ARIA SR combines efficiency and user- friendly handling with pure aesthetics and individuality. It improves the productivity in the dental office with simple and practical solutions. The careful selection of high-quality materials, a very attractive design and outstanding functionality guarantee fantastic results.

In terms of design the ARIA SR amazes with elegant glass elements in fresh colours that can be customized according to the personal taste. The ARIA SR is not only the ideal unit for preventive care, but also the favourite for every modern practice and every treatment!

Quality & Features

• High quality materials
• Hand-made parts for outstanding quality
• Made in Germany
• Simple and practicable solutions increase the daily working efficiency

Our quality commitment

The surface-parts of the ARIA SR treatment units are made from pure metal and polyester with a high-quality gelcoat-coating. No regular plastic parts being used. Extraordinary stability and a long-term consistent appearance (free of any yellowing) are the clear advantages of this combination. The parts are of the highest quality. Our quality promise is based on the 100% final inspection within the “4-eyes” principle.

Easy handling and efficient treatments: According to the personal preference, two different versions are available, which allow an easy adjustment of the instruments, some of them even visualize the performance potential.

aria-instrumentsARIA EXCELL SR

With hanging hoses

  • Comfortable instrument removal and 
  • Perfect treatment in the 9-to12-clock 
  • Perfect ergonomics at any time
  • 6 instrument holders

aria-primaARIA PRIMA SR

With swinging hoses

  • Instrument placement without eye contact
  • Perfect treatment in the 11- and 12-clock position
    (even without assistant)
  • Very good guidance when taking and placing-back the instrument
  • No “pullback-effect” during the treatment due to an optimal weight balance between instrument and hosing system
  • Comfortable and convenient working
  • 5 instrument holders

aria-dental-elementDentist Element

  • Flexible instrument table
  • Manual & automatic chair movements
  • 4 chair positions programmable
  • Configuration of 5 – 6 instruments
  • Easy settings of instrument functions
  • Activation of water glass & spittoon bowl
  • Most simple handling allows an efficient & fault-free treatment

aria-assistant-1aria-assistant-2Assistant Element *

Flexibility for maximum efficiency: The assistant element

  • Treatment with 2 hands without loosing contact 
to the patient*
  • Quick instrument change without new positioning 
of the users
  • Max. 4 holders: 2 cannulas, syringe, curing light*
  • Control-buttons for water glass, spittoon-bowl 
and chair
  • Basic equipment: Surgical suction, saliva ejector, 
3F syringe

* Only in combination with extendable & rotatable assistant element




Comfortable & time saving:

aria-footcontrolThe multi-function foot-control

  • Most ergonomic foot-control in the market
  • Activation via photo sensor–relaxed foot position
  • Continuous speed regulation of the instruments
  • Fast & easy activation of all functions

Safety for users and patients:

Hygiene made easy

The Ritter ARIA SR is made for fast and effective cleaning. All critical parts and components are easily accessible and disinfectable. The surfaces are smooth and designed to prevent dirt zones and accu- mulations of germs and bacteria. Many components can be removed in just one simple step.

spittoonAesthetics pure – the spittoon element

  • Glass elements in the same colour as the upholstery
  • Removable & autoclavable
  • Chair mounted spittoon & water unit, therefore synchronic movement with chair
  • Comfort and efficiency, up to the very detail



Optimal hygiene and maintenance:

The ARIA SR water unit

  • Chair mounted water unit
  • Water bottle or tap water connection
  • Ritter selective controller for suction hoses
  • Optional amalgam & separator solutions
  • Easy solutions – perfect efficiency & processes


Best hygiene and illumination where it is needed:

lampThe Aria LED operating light

  • Precise adaption to the working area
  • Light intensity max. 35.000 lux
  • 4.200 K – 6.000 K
  • Long lifespan & low energy requirements

The ARIA SR meets the highest demands in aesthetics and functionality. The glass elements of the ARIA SR are available in fresh colours and can also be designed individually with personal images.

  • Aesthetics pure
  • Elegant glass elements
  • Modern colours
  • Matching colours of glass elements and upholsteries
  • Individual over-all concept
  • Wellness for users and patients

Individuality meets personality:

Aria-designIndividual design of the dentist element.

A wide range of personal designs can be printed on the surface of the dentist element:

  • Logo
  • Any other images according to personal preferences


design-tabletPatient information

Alternatively, attach your tablet PC with a special holder on the dentist element. This way videos, images or quotations can be shown easily.

Individuality meets personality:

Individual design of the glass elements

The glass elements of the ARIA SR can be designed according to your personal preferences with an attractive selection of images or personal motifs. Ask your dental dealers for examples and ideas.


patient-chairErgonomics and Wellness: Take a seat and relax.

The stylish and ergonomically shaped patient chair ensures maximum comfort for patients and users.

  • Simultaneous movement (Trendelenburg) of backrest and seat
  • Safe and comfortable positioning, even in extreme treatment situations
  • Powerful and smooth running motors for seat and backrest
  • Smooth, seamless upholstery, easy to clean and disinfect
  • Flexible regulation via foot control and operating elements
  • 3 automatic positions
  • Rinsing position/last position
  • Security switches: Backrest, deepest position, assistant element
  • Optional: Right armrest, movable


  • Seamless
  • Colour proven and resistant

Relaxed patients – relaxed treatments:
Double-articulated headrest

  • Easy and comfortable positioning with the left hand
  • Comfortable positioning of the patient’s head in 
every treatment position
  • Optimal for children and elderly patients



  • High-quality upholstery
  • Made in Germany
  • Very ergonomic
  • Saddle seat tilts up to 5°
  • Soft substructure
  • Long lifespan
  • “PLUS”: Height-adjustable backrest

  • High-quality upholstery
  • Made in Germany
  • Consistent weight distribution
  • Seating core of PUR foam element
  • “PLUS”: Height-adjustable backrest
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