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Ritter Dental has been a leading Australian dental surgery and plant equipment supplier for over 50 years. Established in 1963 as Gritter Dental, the company soon became part of the world wide Ritter network supplying the Ritter line of dental units, X-rays, handpieces and more. In addition to Ritter equipment, Ritter Dental Australia also represents a number of other reputable dental brands including Accutron, Metasys, Crescent, MK Dent, Melag and DCI.

Over the years Ritter Dental Australia has been known by a few names, but has always pursued an identical goal; supplying only the best dental equipment to our valued customers, and offering the greatest service and support. As of December 2018, Ritter Dental Australia is now a sister company to Mediquip Pty Ltd under the Mediquip Holding Company. This move has given Ritter Dental Australia the stability and operational expertise to remain focused on its customer centric values.


Metasys Austria Dental Compressor, suction equipment and amalgam separation
Accutron USA Nitrous Oxide Sedation Systems
Crescent USA Patient Comfort Products
MK Dent Germany Dental Handpieces
Melag Germany Autoclaves and Sterilsiation Equipment
DCI USA Dental Components and small equipment


As an active member of the Australian Dental Industry Association, Ritter Dental Australia strives to empower oral health professionals to advance the health and wellbeing of all Australians. Our mission is to provide Australian dental professionals with innovative and quality equipment and supplies, and expert service and advice.

Ritter remains one of the leading dental equipment providers, always striving for innovation, excellent product quality and a model line that allows every dentist to enjoy the benefits of owning a “Ritter”.


Ritter Dental Australia employs fully trained engineers offering many years combined experience in dental and medical technology. These engineers specialise in the installation, service and relocation of dental equipment and associated facilities. Whether you are starting a new practice or renovating an existing one, Ritter Dental Australia can assist you every step of the way. We specialise in the design and refurbishment of dental surgeries in Australia.